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Apr 24, 2018

Farewell from Liberty Lampoon. See you on the other side. 

Apr 10, 2018

Did you eat your cereal today? You're going to need it. This week we're back and no one knows why we were gone, and no one will tell... Unless you have the ability to summon demons, that is. Speaking of demons, we talked about belief in "god" and a parallel known as the state... We also dove right into a discussion...

Mar 27, 2018

Dead gay sociopaths for 500: This man drilled a hole in a 14 year old boy's forehead and poured bleach into his brain in order to make him his zombie slave... Find out on this episode of Liberty Lampoon! There's that and so, so, so MUCH MORE!!!

Mar 20, 2018

What happened this week with the dudes? Michael tells all... and Aaron tells next to nothing. Also, Michael is deeply effected by raging PTSD, and Aaron confesses to being a bad anarchist... All that and more in this episode of LIBERTY LAMPOON. The hype is fake. ENJOY!

Mar 6, 2018

There's nothing better than a Dirty Johnny joke... So lets hear someone else tell it. Also, we skimmed over some politics... listen, we were both tired. Enjoy the episode, but don't blame me for the horrific joke someone told off the cuff and then walked back... WHOOPS