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Liberty Lampoon is a weekly podcast that puts the tar and feathers to statist politicians, public figures, print, and policies. We build our content on a libertarian, freedom foundation and feed it into your brain using our cunning, elaborate, and comical podcast ESP (we don't actually have ESP). Liberty Lampoon is dedicated to high quality podcasts released every Tuesday. Thanks for listening!
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Dec 11, 2017

Want to hear a punk rock song, poorly put together? We got that for you. Also Roy Moore shows up and "allegedly" did everything he's accused of... Maybe worse. NSFW. Love you. Bye.

Dec 3, 2017

Big black penis extensions... You ever seen one? Well you'll hear all about it today. Aaron wears out the podbeef. Michael thinks he can solve the worlds problems. And as always, one of the guys sticks their foot in their mouth....

Nov 27, 2017

I'm not going to watch your f#$king kid... Just a heads up. This week Aaron and Michael recount several interesting stories from the holiday. Also, Aaron puts on the tinfoil to rant about the illegal wars. Our good friend Adrian pops in at the last minute to blow the show wide open with a pretty bad Trump impression. Enjoy!!!

Nov 20, 2017

You shouldn't listen to this episode. Michael and Aaron try to give you the talk, and it's fucking awful. But hey, other than overly explicit definitions, it's pretty good. Also they bash on some cops (as per usual) and Aaron cops to a crime... ENJOY!!!

Nov 12, 2017

Aaron can sing along to a TV show theme song... Michael can have zero respect for him for doing so. It's armistice day... I don't think we talked much about that. Oh, well. Enjoy the episode. 

Nov 7, 2017

You know that moment when... Nevermind. The show was essentially Michael and Aaron reuniting after Michael's week out of town... Which is why we didn't do the second annual Liberty Lampoon Halloween Special... Euhhhh. Enjoy the ep!!!

Oct 24, 2017

Michael and Aaron have only lightly touched politics in the last few episodes... All of that changes today! The dudes got set off by the release of a killer cop and devolve into a discussion on left vs. right since they've been anarchists, as well as the merits of all American foreign policy. It got really heated, but not in an Aaron vs. Michael way. More of an Aaron and Michael vs. the state. Enjoy!

Oct 16, 2017

You know, usually I (Aaron) am the one who writes all the notes and descriptions. This episode was me busy being sick and Michael sort of prodding me on to do the episode. We did it. But I barely remember anything. I do know that I told some jokes that were "too soon"... I also know that I talked about my health and some other things related to that. Your guess is as good as mine and with my blistering headache I don't feel like going back and listening right now. So here's your episode. Enjoy.

Oct 9, 2017

What happens when two white dudes and a Latino man elbow their way into a party to make it cooler? The party is gentrified! Much like how our home city's main street is being gentrified by strong arm local government tactics. Aaron and Michael were joined by the fabulous Jon this week to discuss legalization of drugs and reminisce over the weekend we all had. 

Oct 3, 2017

Michael takes his ice cream out for kids every Sunday... Yeah... You know why. Aaron did his bit about Hugh Hefner. Pretty funny. The interludes return with a huge big black c#ck. The discussion transforms to liberation in Catalan, as well as the usual overbearing offensive stances on whichever topic. Thanks, God. Enjoy the episode!

Sep 26, 2017

Aaron gets way too in depth into certain topics he doesn't understand, Michael (an Afghanistan veteran) supports kneeling... but only if its to suck dick, And Aaron goes on a crazed rant against cops. Whoopdy freaking doo!!! Enjoy the episode gang!

Sep 19, 2017

What happens when Michael's joke is better than Aaron's 10 minute set? We all laugh. A bunch of jokes this week and a little history lesson out of Tulsa (The Tulsa Race Riots). Also a CNN anchor is pissed of by the word BOOBS... even though she has some. Thanks for listening!

Sep 12, 2017

What happens when Michael purposely tries to not laugh at Aaron's jokes? Aaron storms out in the middle of the show. But don't worry, the show was salvaged by a discussion surrounding our dicks... Great... Also we close out the show out on the town drinking with three clips from our night of debauchery, each clip gets drunker and drunker. With guests ranging from the people around us to the people we were hanging out with. Frankly I don't even know whats on those clips... So it could be terrible. Listen and find out! 

Sep 5, 2017

You know what's worse than a white nationalist??? A cop. Man, do we hate cops. Also we talked about a trip to the vet, Aaron told some ridiculous jokes, and Michael brought back the philosophy red light district. Jeremy from Seeds of Liberty gave us our meaning for "Fags"... so that's great. I'm certain he's stoked we mentioned it. 

If you want a book on Afghanistan that was mentioned in the show go here:

Thanks for listening ya douches, and see you next week!!!


Aug 29, 2017

"Just give me the swimming pool size margarita"... That was Aaron this weekend. Michael runs a race, Aaron finds a schwastika at a kids park, Some rednecks visit a local gas station, and the news of the week didn't hit so well with Michael. Enjoy the episode guys!!!

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